XERO accounting FAQs

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Here are some common questions you might have regarding the integration of your XERO account and shopVOX

How does XERO communicates with shopVOX?

Here is an infographic showing the transfer of data from shopVOX to XERO. The data that is synced include New customers, Invoices, Deposits & Payments, Sales tax revenue & Accounts receivables

How do I disconnect from Xero?

This can be done by clicking the settings icon > click Accounting. To the right of the XERO logo, click the arrow. There will be a disconnect option on the next page.

What doesn’t your integration do?

Think of the shopVOX as the starting point for customer interactions. The end result - Invoices & payments - will sync to XERO. Below is what it doesn't do.

  1. It is not automatic. It is recommended that the sync be performed at least once a week.
  2. Vendor information and vendor expenses are not entered into shopVOX and consequently will not sync.
  3. And it definitely doesn't pay your internet bill.

How does the data sync work?

As mentioned above, the sync is not automatic. You will click the Post to Accounting icon and two tabs will be available. Income and Payments. There will be a list of Invoice or Payment showing that can be posted to XERO. You have the option of posting selected transactions or the whole list.

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