Roll Up Line Items to Combine Pricing

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The Roll Up feature allows you to combine two or more line items together on the PDFs, so that the pricing will not show as itemized. Roll Up is available on Quotes, Sales Orders, and Invoices.

How to Create a Roll Up

  1. Open any Quote, Sales Order, or Invoice.
  2. Make sure child line items are under the parent item and you may rearrange the line items order as required-- click on three horizontal lines on a line item to drag and drop the order of line items.
  3. Click on the Blue Action Button on the child item and select - Roll Up into LI #
  1. After roll up:

Why Use Roll Up?

Rolled up items help you hide certain items or a break down of fees to your customers.

Here's an example:

You want to charge for an Install of a car wrap and added the Install as a separate line item, but you don’t want to show the install as a separate line item and charge to your customer. You can use the Roll Up which will not display the install as a separate item nor a separate fee. The fees for both line items, the car wrap, and the install, are added together into one price and shown as only one item on the customer's transaction. Here's how this will look on the customer's PDF:

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