Group and Describe Jobs with Tags

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Use tags to group jobs and other items in shopVOX together. Tags can be used to indicate the type of job like signage or screen printing. You can also use them to describe jobs. You can add as many tags to an item as you want.

How to Create a Job Tag

We have created a bunch of sample/ default Job tags to give you an idea of what a job tag could be labelled. Tags can be anything from materials, delivery options, customer preferences or important categories.

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Scroll down and click Workflow, then Tags

  1. You will see Tags on the section below Job Statuses
  2. Click the blue edit pencil to adjust the existing tags. Remove them by clicking the red trash bin, or add your own custom tags by clicking the green Add New Tags button.

Where Can I See My Tags?

You can see your tags in a few different places as well as search for them.

  1. On a Job Card

In this example you can see the "Embroidery" in a green tag and "Screen print" in blue

  1. In the Search Bar on the Job Board

In this example you can type in your tag name in the Search Bar and it will bring up all the jobs that have that tag label associated with it. You can see in the job card in this example "New Test Job" under Production Job Status. The tags on this example are "Embroidery" in Green and "Screen Print" in Blue.

To learn more about Job Statuses, check out this article - Track Progress with Job Statuses

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