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A Customer in shopVOX is typically a company or organization, but can be an individual if that individual is not associated with a company or organization. A Contact in shopVOX is someone who works for the company, so essentially it is a part of the Customer. A Customer (company) can have several Contacts... and each Contact can have all the specific data you would like to add. ie. phone #, email, birthday, LinkedIn, Department, etc. 

Here are some examples:

  • Bob's Pizza Shack: Customer
  • An Employee at Bob's Pizza Shack: Contact of Bob's Pizza Shack
  • My neighbor Cathy who wants a "Happy Birthday" banner for her daughter's 12th birthday: Customer

How to Add a New Customer

  1. Click on the Customers icon at the top of your screen.

  1. Click on the green- Add New Customer button and fill out basic details.
  1. Click on the Save Customer button.

Editing a Customer

If you would like to update any customer details - open the customer profile and click on the pencil icon. Make sure you save your changes.

How to Add a New Contact

  1. Go to the customer's screen and click on the arrow button next to Contacts.
  1. Click on the green Add New Contact button and fill out the required details and save the contact.

Editing a Contact

  1. To update an existing contact, open your list of customers and click on the customer profile.
  1. Now, expand the Contact section and select the contact you would like to update by clicking on the contact name.
  2. This will open the Contact Profile. From here choose the edit pencil and update the contact details. Make sure you save by clicking the green Update Contact button when you're finished.

How to Add New Customers/Contact from a New Transaction Form

What happens when you start a new quote and you realize that the customer or contact is not created in shopVOX yet? Don't worry! You can create new customer and contacts directly on the new quote form without navigating away from your current screen! You can also do this on new sales orders and invoices as well.

  1. Create a new quote, sales order or invoice
  2. In the Customer Name field, you can either search for an existing customer by typing out the customer name. Or - if that customer doesn't exist in shopVOX, simply click the green + button on the Customer Name field and create the new customer details. You can also do this with the Contact as well on the new quote form.
  1. Once you save the new customer or contact on the quote, a new profile will be created in your customer database so this customer will be accessible for the next time.

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