Syncing Job Line item names, on the Jobs Board

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This article will explain how to turn on and off the ability to sync a sales order line item name to the job board.

What is Syncing?

When you "Create Job" from a sales order, the name of the Line Item appears on the Jobs Board.

Please Note: Syncing of Line items to the job board is on by default.

The Line Item on the Job Board appears exactly as it was stated on the Sales Order

If you update the line item on the Sales Order

It will automatically update on the Jobs Board

You can turn the setting to sync job names with the job board by following these steps.

Turning Line item Sync Off and On

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Then click on Transactions
  3. Jobs - Keep Job in Sync with Line Item
You can test this out. Turn off, and update and line item. Look at the Job Board. Then turn this on, and update a line item, and look at the Job Board

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