Getting Started

​Getting Started Checklist

Welcome to shopVOX! You have just started your new account, now what? Well, let’s take a tour of the program. This article will be your road-map to navigating shopVOX – a guide containing a collectio…

Aaron Aldrich
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A Guide to Creating Your First Order

Your new shopVOX account is set up and you want to hit the ground running! I'm loving your enthusiasm! So, where do you need to go to get started? We will walk through the basics of creating a quote,…

Aaron Aldrich
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shopVOX Overview

Want to see the whole order flow - start to finish? Here's a great ~40 min walkthrough of a sample order. From creating a quote through production, proofing, and invoicing. shopVOX Overview..

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Icons and Interface Tour

shopVOX is built with two main components. One is the Menu bar at the top and the second is the Program window below, which changes based on the menu icon you have selected. Menu bar icons. Reading f…

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How Do I Cancel My shopVOX Account?

Aaron Aldrich
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How do I Update Our Billing Info?

Our billing system requires a credit card for your subscription... and since credit cards have a limited lifespan, you may have to update your billing from time to time. If you have a pressing questi…

Aaron Aldrich
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Syncing Job Line item names, on the Jobs Board

This article will explain how to turn on and off the ability to sync a sales order line item name to the job board. What is Syncing?. When you "Create Job" from a sales order, the name of the Line It…

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