Add Your Logo and Company Info

It's really important that your company looks its best and you have all the right info when sending documents to your customers. Add your logo and company info by following these steps.

  1. Click on the Settings icon
  1. Now, click on the Account section
  2. Click Logo
  3. You will see a box saying " add logo" and you can either drag and drop or search your computer for your logo file. Make sure the logo image is of good quality. For best results, use a PNG version of your logo at least 1000px wide or 500px high.
  4. Add your Business Address (this is what your customers will see)
  5. Contact information - who do you want your customers to contact? This could be a sales inbox or particular person. Add your business phone number and web address
  6. Regional Preferences: Where are you in the world? Add your country, timezone and unit of measurements (i.e imperial or metric)
  7. Always click SAVE CHANGES (bottom right green button)

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