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We have several pre-made products in the shopVOX database. BUT... if you want to create your own custom products, here are some quick tips on how you can do this in shopVOX. There are two ways to add a custom product. The first way is to create it in your account so it can used by the team and have consistent pricing. The second way is to create items on the fly as a custom line item which will be added directly to a transaction.

Creating Custom Products

Let's talk about creating custom products first. These will be stored as part of your products list that can be used over and over again in the system. Creating custom products is very simple.

  1. On the Products page, click on the Add New Product button and then click the Create Custom Product link.
  1. Fill in the Name, Description, Cost, Markup and Price and Save the Product. Now, it will be ready for your team to start using.

Adding a Custom Line Item

The second way to add products is creating them on the fly directly to a transaction. Let's say your customer orders a custom product that doesn't exist in your standard list of products. Here is how you would do this.

NOTE: This will not be added to your list of products permanently. It will be a one-time product. If you will be selling these over and over again, follow the above steps to add it to your database.

  1. On the Quote or Order, click the Add New Item button.

NOTE: For more information on creating an order, you can read - A Guide to Creating Your First Order

  1. Click the Make a Custom Line Item button
  2. Add the name of the product and enter a description if you like. The Add More Details button are internal notes for your team.

  1. Click on the blue expand icon (shown above) and enter the cost and price for the item. You can also choose if the item is taxable or non-taxable. Lastly, you need to select the Income account and COG account.

It is recommended to add your products as explained in the first section of this article, so you will have access to that same product list all of the time and create consistent pricing. If you are finding you have to create on-the-fly products to a transaction over and over again, save yourself some time and add it to your products list.

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