Setting Roles for your Team

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User Roles are how you set permissions and internal controls inside your shopVOX account. This gives your account added security, and allows you to tailor each users experience to one that fits their role in your company, and hide those that do not. This article will guide you on how to set which features each team member (user) will have access to. Then, you'll be able to customize your Role permissions for each user in your account.

How do Roles Work?

After you set up a new user in shopVOX, next you will want to assign them a role. We have added a set of default roles to your account that you can use to start out. Remember to only assign one role per user. That way those permissions you set on that role will not conflict with any other roles.

These are the default roles:

  • CSR - specifically for Customer Service Reps
  • Sales – for all sales reps
  • Designer – for your design staff
  • Production – for your production staff that don’t need to access anything but Jobs
  • Super User – full and complete access – for owners and managers who need to see and change everything

How to Add a New Role

  1. Click on the Settings Icon, then click Team
  2. Then choose Roles
  3. Click on the green Add New Role button, or click on one of the existing roles to open the role settings and make changes

  1. From here you can name the Role. You can create a special role for a specific person on your team if that person wears multiple hats and needs access to shopVOX that might be different from the rest of your team. For example - you can name a role "Operations" or more specifically "Tom - Operations Manager".
  2. Then you will decide which areas of shoPVOX will ve visible, hidden, enabled or disabled, or editable to this specific role.
  3. You'll notice that there are many permissions to set that are categorized into sections. Go through these sections and customize the role permissions:
  • Transactions
  • Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Credit Memos
  • Refunds
  • Jobs
  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • General

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