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Job statuses help you have a quick glance as to where your job is at in the production process. We have developed an easy-to-use feature which means you can allocate a new status for the job at anytime. You and your team can all be on the same page when checking over an order.

Job Statuses can be found on your Job Board and inside the Job card itself.

How to Add a Status into Your Account

It's super easy to add or amend status names in your account.

  1. Click the Settings icon
  2. Click Workflow, then Job Statuses
  3. Now, click the green Add New Job Status button to create new ones. Or click the blue edit pencil on the existing statuses to edit them. You can change the name and color of the Job Status to suit you.

Sample Job Statuses

We have added some Sample Job Statuses for you to use. Here is what they could mean to you:

Design: Means that this is currently in the Design stage

Internal Review: Your team are currently reviewing the artwork or a particular piece of information

Customer Review: Your customer is reviewing the artwork and specifications

Production: The job is being made in Production

QC: The job is being checked for Quality Assured / Controlled

Invoice: This order is ready for invoicing

On Hold: This means that it is on hold such as waiting for materials, a hold on production.

Completed: The order is now complete

What are Tags?

Job tags can be useful in several ways to keep your production tracking even more organized. Here are some ways that tags might help you on your job board:

  • Tags can be used to indicate the type of job on the job board like electrical signs, vehicle wraps, or screen printing.
  • Tags can be used to describe jobs, or narrow down specific job steps like print, lamination, or assembly
  • Tags can be used to group jobs together
  • Tags can be used as highlight an important job or remind if something is past due

Basically, the sky is the limit. You can use tags any way that will help you keep track of your production processes. It is very flexible and you can configure them specifically for your shop. To Learn more about job tags check out this tutorial - Group and Describe Jobs with Tags

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Managing Job Statuses and Deadlines