Using a TV for your Job Board

Tyler MacDonald Updated by Tyler MacDonald

One awesome way you can replace your production whiteboard or clipboard system is with a flat screen TV.

Simply log in to shopVOX and display the Job Board - so everyone can see what's on the agenda.

How to I do this?

There are two ways you can go about doing this in your shop.

  1. Connect a computer to your TV via HDMI or DVI Cable.
    1. Find a PC or Mac
    2. Connect monitor cable to TV input
    3. Bam! Job Board on TV

This is the better option if you want team members to interact with the Job Board on the TV. Here is a link to a stupidly cheap 25ft HDMI cable on Amazon.

  1. Google Chromecast or Apple TV. This solution takes a little more effort. These two devices will let you stream a tab from your browser window to your TV via Wi-Fi connection.
    1. Buy one of said devices
    2. Plug in to TV
    3. Configure WiFi settings
    4. Cast tab from your device
    5. Chromecast Learn more here
    6. Apple TV Learn more here

This is a good option if your staff won't be interacting with the job board.

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