Configuring Your Notifications

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It is so important when time is of the essence to be notified when jobs hit certain stages. In shopVOX, you can configure how and when to be notified of important events so deadlines don't get missed, and nothing falls through the cracks.

You can choose to be notified by email receive in-app notifications.


Head over to the top right hand corner of your screen to Settings

  1. Click Notifications
  2. You will see different headings such as Transactions and Sales orders, where you can set notifications specific to those transactions.
  3. Toggle if you want the notification ON or OFF by clicking the switch button (grey/green)
  4. Click whether you want to notify by email, just the app or both.


We can notify a range of different users and roles. Below we explain who will be notified:

We will use the example below of notifying someone that a new quote has been created.


  • Assignee: This is who is will be working on the job
  • Production Manager: Your default production manager or someone specific managing the job
  • Primary Contact: The customer (individual person)
  • Sales Rep: Who you have assigned as the Sales rep for a job


You can think of this a roles or departments. This could be an individual or a group of people with the same roles.

  • CSR (Customer Service Rep)
  • Production
  • Designer
  • Sales
  • Super User
Click here to see our article on Roles

Always test out jobs and notifications first to ensure you are happy with who is receiving notifications

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