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Importing Your Customers and Contacts

Your customer list is one of the most important things to set up in your new shopVOX account. It's so much easier to make the system feel like your own once your familiar data is in place. You can ei…


Add your Payment Gateway

Payment Gateways are a fantastic way to receive payments fast. We integrate seamlessly with a few different payment providers. This means you can accept online credit card payments. PAYMENT GATEWAY O…


Inviting Users to Your Team

Do you want to add an extra user to your account, or get all of your team members onboard shopVOX? Simply follow these instructions to create more users. Settings. Click the Settings Icon on the uppe…


Add Your Logo and Company Info


Group and Describe Jobs with Tags

Use tags to group jobs and other items in shopVOX together. Tags can be used to indicate the type of job like signage or screen printing. You can also use them to describe jobs. You can add as many t…


Setting Roles for your Team

User Roles are how you set permissions and internal controls inside your shopVOX account. This gives your account added security, and allows you to tailor each users experience to one that fits their…


SMTP Settings

When you first get started with shopVOX - any emails you send to your clients are sent through our mail server. It's okay though- it will still show your Name and Email in the "From" fields - so to y…


Configuring Your Notifications

It is so important when time is of the essence to be notified when jobs hit certain stages. In shopVOX, you can configure how and when to be notified of important events so deadlines don't get missed…


Created Canned Message Templates for Your Team to Use

Do you find yourself typing the same information over and over when communicating with your clients? Maybe each employee sends their emails - leaving you without any consistency in the messages your…


Adding Vendors

Do you need to add a Vendor/ Supplier to your shopVOX account? It's super easy and makes sending Purchase Orders a breeze. Where do I go to add vendors? Head over to the top right hand screen and cli…