How to Price Color Matches

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A color match is when you have to mix a custom ink color for your customer. Color matches are most likely a Pantone color specified by your customer, but it could be matching any color outside your standard offerings.

Adding Color Matches to Transactions

Got a custom color to match for this order? Here's how to add it to a quote.

  1. On the quote, sales order, or invoice, click Add New Item
  2. Search for Color Match or just select it from the Product dropdown
  3. Adjust the quantity.
  4. Add a description so your customer will know what the extra charge is for. (optional)
  5. Click Save This Line Item.

Adjusting Pricing for Color Matches

Want to charge more or less than our standard $25 for a color match? Here's how to adjust the pricing for it.

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Click Products
  3. Find and click on Color Match in your products list.
  4. Click the Configure button
  5. Set your new price for each color match.
  6. Click Update Product

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