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If your company sells Promotional items, we have a bonus for you. We have a direct integration with SAGE Promotional Product company. This article will explain how to add this to your account and search the available products directly on a Quote.

If you want to create Marketing presentations, you will still need to go to your account on the SAGE website.

Linking your account

The first step is adding your login details.

  1. Click on Setting > Vendors > SAGE
  2. In Sage, on the left toolbar click on Developers APIs > Then Sage Connect. Then from the top bar "configuration"
    Enter in all your information then click "Create". This will give you a Sage Authorization Token
  1. Enter your SAGE account credentials and click the Connect Catalog button
  2. You will now be able to use this catalog in conjunction with the Promotional Product

Adding the Promotional Product to your Products list

If you haven't loaded the promotional product to your account. Go ahead and do that now.

  1. Go to Settings > Products > Click Add New Products button
  2. From this list click Apparel section and select the promotional product
  3. This product will now be available to use on a transaction

How to use this catalog

Ok! Now we are ready to use this integration on a Quote or Order.

Let's review how this is done.

  1. Create or Open a quote
  2. Add a line item and select the Promotional Product
  3. On the interface, you have 2 options. Use the Custom Product (if using another source). Use the SAGE option and start searching for items
  4. There is a regular search option and an Advanced Search
  5. The regular search allows you to choose a category and then type in a keyword. This is valuable if you are looking for ideas.
  6. When you find what you are looking for click the Select This item button
  7. For the Advanced search, you can enter an Item # or choose one of the options to see Fresh ideas, New Products, etc.
  8. Once a product is selected, enter the quantity and color. Additional quantities and colors can be added using the Add variant option.
  9. Make sure you fill in the Imprint details and any markups to Setup charges that might be applicable.
  10. As always, there is an option to review the Pricing Breakdown on the line item you have entered

Congratulations! You have created your first Promotional product using the SAGE integration. We hope this integration saves you time when creating quotes for promo items you might sell.

If you have any feedback or questions, please use our chat support option or email us at

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